Wednesday, December 13

Why Do People Commit Crime?

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The following are not all the reasons that people commit crime but are very strong factors.

The main reason people commit crime is because of poverty.

Depending on how poor someone is depends on what and how likely they are going to steal. For example an extremely poor person is more likely to steal some bread than someone who is not as poor. Even people who have enough to live off steal just out of greed, for example a guy wants a bigger TV but doesn’t have enough money might steal some money or the TV itself.

Another example of someone stealing out of poverty is if a teenage girl didn’t have enough money to buy some jewellery she might go in the shop in steal some. The same could be said for a teenage guy who didn’t have enough money to buy a computer game.

A second reason why people commit crime is because of peer pressure.

This depends on the sort of friends the person has. For example a couple of kids have nothing to do so they go out and do some vandalism and if your in that group of people then you are more likely to do what they do so you are part of the group.

Another main reason why people commit crime is because of education.

The amount of education you have (if any) is the main factor that decides if you have a well paid job or poor paying job and if you are in a dead end job that barely brings money then you might steal from people or even mug people so you have some money to spend.

A final reason why people might commit crime is because of a thrill.

Someone for example might get a “buzz” or a great feeling of stealing someone and getting away with it, sometimes they don’t even care about what they steal it is just stealing it that matters. This can should turn into an addiction where the person is addicted to stealing.

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