Friday, December 15

Article Writing – Some Helpful Tips

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We find more and more people interested in writing articles on line as a source of income. It provides a steady and continuous source of  income as long as there are people interested in reading your articles !

It is better to keep certain facts in mind while writing and submitting articles

 First and foremost requirement  is that you have to make sure that you write articles that are original and your own, not copy and paste from any source on the net . There are times when we may refer to some other source of information, but one has to write the article in ones own words.

It is not right to expect an immediate income as soon as you post 2-3 or even 5-6 articles. We need to have a certain amount of patience and wait for our articles to be noticed and get views , which ultimately generates income .

As you submit more number of articles the number of views increase and so also your income .

Try to make your articles interesting and also informative. Select subjects which are popular and are being currently discussed on the net or in the media. People like to read about topics they know about or have heard of.Once you have established yourself as an article writer , start promoting your articles through promotional tools provided by the site. It becomes a continuous source of income for the writer.

With a little effort and interest in the subject matter it is possible to write an interesting article. Use simple  language instead of complicated words that you may or may not know how to use properly. Including a few personal details makes the article that much more interesting since readers are able to identify with it .

Instead of concentrating on tag words and SEOs concentrate on the subject matter of your article and try to include as much detail as possible. An ideal article should have at least 400 words to give all the relevant information about the subject you are writing about .

Add  quality pictures that are relevant to your article to make it more interesting . Attractive Pictures always enhance a  good article .  Take care to check your article for spelling mistakes  or any other errors that may be there , before you finally submit the article.

Finally, follow the site rules regarding submission and posting  because your article has better chance of being accepted and published.


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