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Dream Meaning ~ Opposite Sex Dreams

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About a month ago I had a dream that I was a female and this dream happened 3 nights in a row and at first I didn’t think anything of it but after 3 nights I figured that my brain was telling me something, it could be that I’m a transsexual or that there is a hidden meaning to the dreams.

Now since I don’t have feelings to be a girl then the dream must have been a hidden message from my subconscious. So after a couple of hours searching the internet for the meaning of opposite sex dreams I came to a conclusion.

Most sites said that it meant you need to incorporate more qualities of the other gender and that you should try being more open minded to the other sex. However this didn’t help at all, sure I gave me some relief knowing that the dream really did have a secret meaning rather than me being messed in the head.

So I then questioned the difference between someone’s gender and someone’s sex. Basically your sex is what is between you legs (what you are born with) and your gender is if you are masculine or feminine (depends on how society shapes you).

So if you what to be more masculine or feminine (from big changes to tiny changes) you have to work out what it is. For example you might want to be more sensitive (feminine) to people around you or someone specific. Another example is that you want to be more competitive (masculine) in something, like a sport or in a job.

Opposite sex dreams could also mean you want to get closer to a special someone of the opposite sex, it could be family or someone who you want to develop a deeper relationship with (a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband etc).

Another meaning could be applicable if you dreamed of being the opposite sex without doing any thing sexual in the dream. This 3rd opposite sex meaning is that you curious about the other sex and what to learn more about them and feel what it is like to be the opposite sex, so you dream of being the opposite sex to try and satisfy your curiosity.

Personally I have stopped analysing my dreams because they are not that important to me now, after all they are not real so they are meaningless and after all this research I still don’t know why I dreamt of being a girl.

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