Monday, December 18

How to Avoid Yourself From Fraud Business Consultancies

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Every one of us wants to get into a small business and we even think of easy way to get money. This is how we get trap into the well orchestrated fraud of many business consultancies. I have seen many who came with an aspiration and became a victim of such consultancies. I was also one among them but I didn’t end up with this. We have an aspiration and no matter what, we have to move on towards our goal.

Today in my review I would like to warn you particularly not to get caught into the trap of these fraud consultancies. You believe or not these firms are everywhere. They do nothing but suck the blood of the hardworking people. But one thing you should also lean that you should not believe in the easy way of getting huge money.

If you want to start a business you should work hard and you should think reasonably whether the amount of money which you are going to get is match with the assignment you are getting. Always start small and if you are getting really big opportunity you should be careful enough to take half the advance or bank guarantee. Only by signing will not help you because most of time they will confuse you but at the same time you should also be thorough with the contract agreement. 

Never ever agree to start a project without any security in your hand. If the client is from different geographical area, be sure to keep a representative of your company to the client’s office until the project is over.

I wish you do a great business.

Good luck.


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