Wednesday, December 13

Stargate Sg-1: Allegiance

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In my opinion, Stargate SG-1: Allegiance is one of the more tolerable entries from the sixth year of this science fiction series.  As my readers know, I’m just not fond of Corin Nemec, his Jonas Quinn character, and the absence of Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson.

That said, it’s the tentative alliance between the Jaffa and Tok’ra that make the show intriguing, and that’s in spite of the fact I’m not fond of Jaffa themed show.  Somehow, though, I love how this story comes together, with both races taking refuge on a planet alongside the Tau’ri.  Oddly, it’s up to Jack O’Neill to keep things peaceful.

What is entertaining for me is watching Jack try to handle the explosive situation. He utilizes both Bra’tac and Jacob, which is fun because this is the first time that fans were able to see both of these men together.  Both Tony Armendola (Bra’tac) and Carmen Argenziano (Jacob) have been very good in their recurring parts.

There is some drama that unfolds throughout the hour, of course, thanks to an invisible killer.  That was something new, so I liked that, too.

Still, I’ll credit Richard Dean Anderson’s portrayal as Jack for keeping me involved in this particular show.


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