Monday, December 11

Stargate Sg-1: Threshold

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Stargate SG-1: Threshold is more or less part of an arc that began with the episodes Enemies and Exodus that had Teal’c captured by the Goa’uld.  Naturally, he was rescued, only Apophis brainwashed his former first prime.  Now it was up to his mentor, Bra’tac, along with SG-1, to try to reach the Jaffa through an ancient ritual.

What happens is that through this process, we learn Teal’c’s backstory in terms of how he became first prime.  That part of the story is okay, but it’s too Jaffa oriented to really get my interest.

What I love, though, are the Jack and Daniel moments as they try to help Teal’c.  There is one super comedic moment concerning Daniel’s gender that I chuckle at as well as a fabric line that is also a hoot.

Teryl Rothery has some action here as her Janet Fraiser deals with medical ethics while the ritual is being carried out.  She can get fiery and that heats up the action a bit.

On the whole, Threshold is a decent hour, but it’s not a huge favorite, though some of that Jaffa stuff had its moments.  I’m just happy for the cute Jack and Daniel bits that were throughout.



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