Friday, December 15

Carbo Loading Before Biking

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I’ve just started mountain biking and have been trying to train climbing uphill trails and so far it has been tough.  I’m not exactly an an athletic person anymore.  And also I am getting a bit older too.  All of the bad habits are catching up.  This is why I’ve been trying to get my self into shape. To get rid of my big beer belly.

A few days ago while me and my friends were talking about my new found hobby I started asking questions being a newbie and all they were also talking about energy gels that are supposed to give you 45 minutes of extra energy.   I’ve seen those gels in sports stores but never really that it works well or it might be just a marketing hype.   They told me it works because it is in gel form, it is concentrated and the body should absorb whatever good stuff it has to show for.  I asked them also about regular energy drinks like Red Bull, Cobra, sting or whatever energy drink that is easily available in any convenience store.  They said this works too for some people but would have the same effect it works on a short term basis.  Then somebody said he eats a lot of rice the night before going biking.  He explained that carbohydrates burn slowly compared to simple sugars and that stored carbs are better for the long haul.I’m thinking of giving that suggestion a try before my next biking trip and see if it makes a difference.


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