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Most Popular Baby Boys Names

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Whether you want to follow the trends or avoid them, here are the top baby boys names in England and Wales – along with their meanings – as released by the Office for National Statistics in October 2010 (for 2009). After 14 long years, Jack was finally beaten to the top spot by…

1) Oliver: derived from Latin for olive tree (oliva).

2) Jack: Old English derivative / nickname for John. John (which is of Hebrew origin) means ‘God is gracious’.

3) Harry: English variant of Henry. Henry means ‘home ruler’.

4) Alfie: diminutive of Alfred, meaning elf counsellor in Old English, or wise / sage

5) Joshua: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is salvation’

6) Thomas: derived from the Greek meaning twin

7) Charlie: derivative of Charles. Teutonic / German in origin meaning man / full grown

8) William: became popular originally after the Norman conquest of Britain, meaning ‘protector’ or ‘protector of the realm’

9) James: of Hebrew origin, a variant of Jacob meaning ‘supplanter’ (not very complimentary!)

10) Daniel: also of Hebrew descent, meaning ‘God is my judgement’

So there we have it, the most popular names for baby boys based on official Government stats. Incidentally, the fastest rising boy’s name in the USA was Cullen which happens to be the surname of the main character in the Twilight series!

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