Tuesday, December 12

Stargate Sg-1: Small Victories

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I do like the starter show for year 4 of Stargate SG-1 called Small Victories, but I do have conflicting emotions about it as well.  While it does a nice job of wrapping up the cliffhanger from the year prior, it is the show that begins a new reign behind the scenes and that was not good or healthy for the show.

One of the nice parts is the teaser scene that takes place aboard a real Russian sub with real Russian crew members.  In fact, they are saying some silly things in Russian, though the audience doesn’t know that, unless they speak Russian, of course.

Next up, we get a very nice scene with Daniel and Janet in the infirmary.  Because Michael Shanks had to be written around in the Nemesis episode due to appendicitis, his character had to still be recovering from it now, even though Shanks was fully recovered at that point.  The scene with Janet doing a checkup on Daniel is great.  It’s just that Daniel wasn’t cleared to go on missions, so the story with the action had to take place without him.  It set a horrid precedent for what was starting to happen now that the show had a new producer (I consider him to be a jerk) at the helm.  This guy just didn’t have the care for the show that the original showrunner, Jonathan Glassner, did.

At any rate, the end result is that SG-1 gets divided up a lot.  Team shows begin to diminish.  For example, here Amanda Tapping’s Sam is sent off to help the Asgard.  She does have some good scenes with Thor.

Shanks has the most emotional scene, tears in his eyes, when he has to make a tough decision.  What I love here is that Jack is yelling at Major Davis, giving him a direct order, and Davis wasn’t going to do a thing until Daniel gave the word.  Great scene.



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