Friday, December 15

Stargate Sg-1: Secrets

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Stargate SG-1: Secrets isn’t really a favorite of mine because it’s a show that deals with Abydos, my second least favorite theme for a show behind those that are Jaffe centric.  However, there are some very nice moments and fun things to watch.

For example, Daniel runs across his wife, Sha’re, who is suddenly pregnant.  No, it’s not Daniel’s, so that gives us a lot of emotional mishmosh to work through. What’s fun, though, is watching Sha’re give birth.  Now the actress who played the role was, in reality, the girlfriend of Michael Shanks, who played Daniel.  She was really pregnant, and he often told the story that he’d keep talking to the unborn baby, explaining they were only acting and now wasn’t the time to be born.

I do enjoy what happens when Jack and Sam show up on Abydos towards the end of the show.  Richard Dean Anderson is fantastic as the clueless Jack who continues to be stunned by what he sees just upon arrival.  It’s a hoot.

The Washington scenes with Jack being confronted by a civilian regarding the Stargate Program was very dramatic and good to watch as well.

So, there are a lot of good bits in this story; it’s a good show.  I just prefer other themes as a rule.


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