Thursday, December 14

Stargate Sg-1: Touchstone

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Stargate SG-1: Touchstone from season 2 is one of my favorite shows of the series.  I love the adventure, the cold, and the Jack and Daniel teaming that occurs.

Essentially, SG-1 is accused of stealing a device called the touchstone which controls the weather. Ultimately, they end up going to Area 51 for the first time, and that is one reason why I enjoy this hour so much.

Tom McBeath guest stars as Harry Maybourne, currently in charge of Area 51.  His first scene with Teal’c is so awesome, especially with how Jack responds to it.  It relates back to the last time we saw Harry, which was in the episode, Bane.

This is the introduction of Major Reynolds, who is a little in awe of SG-1.  I just love how he shows the team around and talks about the ‘meaning of life stuff’.  Reynolds would recur more often a few years later, but the funny thing is that he never was given a first name, in spite of actually being SGC’s 2nd in command.

Another fun bit was watching Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks in the blizzard like weather conditions.  I don’t know how much they liked filming it, but I loved watching it.


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