Wednesday, December 13

Married Man

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The married man


inimi.jpgheart.gifOur life is one long series of searches. Sometimes we do not find what you need along the road that traverse it. Sometimes these meetings seriously put their imprint on the decisions that will take them.So it is that sometimes they make some terrible greselli then we can not explain.Honestly, I never ever agreed to have a relationship with a married man. But there are plenty of women who accept it, though not by nature lovers.In college, I had a pretty fellow though he was not shining and ears in love over my boss. I then work to support myself in college, the courses cost a lot.He put his head to break it to my boss’s wife that he already had a daughter. He was so turned on that had to follow him everywhere.He did not say anything and I never wanted to be indiscreet.However, one night around the holidays we got together at a party.Obviously I knew that he would be there, but usually came without his wife. He came to me and my colleague, and he saw her when milled in front. We asked both my business? Surprised I said that I had come to the party. He without considering that his wife knew me, nor by those present, took her arm and my buddy gave it out of the house.If anything his wife had no idea until that moment, then realized what was understood. Obviously, the explanations he gave were endless.At work when we reantalnit I should have said no to them because they can pay attention to my buddy so it was better for everyone! It was too late. Being upset, my colleague took the initiative to drink coffee with my boss’s wife. I was desperate because I was in a situation unbreathable.
With much tact, my boss’s wife explained to him how things are, and we finally had the chance to go wrong in this situation …. especially as I was not guilty of anything.


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