Saturday, December 16

Stargate Sg-1: Family

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It stayed the same for ten years.  I just don’t care for Jaffa-centric stories and that is what Stargate SG-1: Family is.  It’s actually just the second one of the series, I do admit to some nice scenes.  It’s just I’m not into the Jaffa as much as some others are.

In this show, Teal’c’s son has been kidnapped by the System Lord Apophis, so SG-1 has to go to Chulak to try to get him back.  Poor Teal’c is in for a shock, though, as he discovers his wife isn’t exactly waiting for him quietly.  This creates a lot of drama.

What I love are the exchanges, mostly quietly, between Jack and Daniel as Daniel translates for his friend what is being spoken.  It’s some cool stuff.

I also like it when Jack dresses up in the Jaffa armor.  That’s funny, especially when Daniel gets on his case for disappearing without telling anyone.

For me, there is some plot failure here, though, because Hammond sends the team through to bring back the wife and kid, but in the end, they just send them back, again.  I understand the logic of what is spoken, but it’s inconsistent with what was said at the beginning.


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