Monday, December 11

Effective Ways in Courting a Woman

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Have you ever been in a situation wherein you really wanted to say what you feel for someone but you simply can’t because you are too afraid to be neglected? All you have to acquire is courage and self confidence.

There are do’s and don’t in courting a woman. You simply have to keep this in mind so that your quest for a sweet “yes” will have greater chances of success. I cannot guarantee a 100% chance of that yes but surely you will have greater chances of it.

Keep in mind these simple reminders:

1.) Do special things for her. 

Now, you have to be creative on this one. If you want to capture her attention, do special things that are uniquely on your own. But don’t express yet what you fell like saying “I love you” in a composition you made.

2.) Communicate with her early in the morning and before she sleeps.

Your cellular phone will really play a major role in showing her your concern and eventually she might come to realize your sincerity. But never spend the rest of the day communicating with her. Ask here in the morning how her sleep was. Then your other message should be in the evening asking her how was her day. You can have long messages if she is the one initiating the conversation. This way you will be sure, you are not irritating her.

3.) Try to be with her group.

Joining her group would be a great way of knowing her more. Also, this will give you a chance to be with her slowly building up a bond of trust and friendship.

4.) In expressing what you feel, make it abstract.

Do not clearly express what you feel. Use your creativity. The purpose of this is to make her think. If things go well it will surely be an advantage for you.

5.) The right place at the right time.

You must determine the right place and the right time for you to formally say you love her. You will definitely know that one when you get there. It’s our instinct I guess. Look for a romantic place and wait for the right time.

Making a girl fall in love with you is a wonderful experience. Just keep in mind the make your steps simple and just be yourself. Always make her fell she is special in your own unique way that would be the most important thing of all.

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