Wednesday, December 13

Stargate Sg-1: The Other Side

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Stargate SG-1: The Other Side is a pretty serious outing for this science fiction drama.  The ending leaves some conflicted in that it’s a bit surprising and has a lead character doing something some might consider questionable.

Overall, this hour is a good entry for the fourth year of the show.  At the heart of things, SG-1 and Earth have to test their code of ethics, and it’s not easy, especially with a passionate Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) arguing for his side of the situation.

There are some really solid scenes in this respect.  For example, at one point Daniel has a debate with General Hammond (Don S. Davis) over Earth’s right to proceed as they are.  The really big scene, though, has Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) operating on his own agenda and, at a pivotal moment, he tells Daniel to ‘shut up’.

This is a huge moment for the series, but the even better part comes shortly thereafter in a nice bit of friendship that made Jack and Daniel fans (of all kinds) ecstatic.

Watch for the moment shared between Jack and Daniel after the ‘shut up’ moment.  This was done at the insistence of Anderson, which I always thought was terrific.  He rarely used his executive producer authority, but every now and then, at times like this, he did.


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