Tuesday, December 12

IF You Love Someone

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If you really love someone, you should think if you really do show it.

Well if you really do, then consider this and think?

           If you love someone, you should not just say it in words but also show it more in actions, by helping that person when he or she needs you the most.

           Some people just chant it in words by saying I love you. However, when he or she needs help in something they just don’t think of helping but just keep quiet or vanish from that situation. Is this real love?

           Well definitely, for me it isn’t. Real love means that you should always be there for the one you love for better or worst times, in ups and downs by giving a helping hand and lifting up the spirit with in them.

            Actually well all people like to hear it in words to, but even then, by not saying much sweet things you can show that you love him or her by the silent language.


The silent language is by helping them in day-to-day activities and being around to help even in the very smallest way you can. This is the most real love that you could show and give the person you love the most.


1. Never compare them with others.

2. Spend extra time together.

3. Share happy and sad moments together.

4. Build fate and trust in each other.

5. Love for who they are.

6. Understand each other’s thoughts and feelings.

7.Consider their feelings.

8. Be interested in their interests.

9. Show your joy when they come home.

10. Become their biggest fan and cheerleader!


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