Sunday, December 17

Christmas Lights in The Philippines

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Christmas Lights is a very common in the Philippines. You see them everywhere. They are hung in Churches, Schools, Business Establishments, houses, government centers, and many other places you can ever possibly think off including cars.

I grew up appreciating Christmas lights especially during the holiday season.  It kind of lightens the mood for everybody, seeing these small group of lights whether it is twinkling, dancing, flashing as many colors it could possibly have.  Everybody seem to just stop and appreciate the awe it presents.

Clustered Christmas lights are the best sight anybody can see during Christmas time.  In my hometown, recently covered all the plazas or parks with Christmas lights.  They Filled every tree on the park with Christmas lights shaped like stars.  At the back of my mind it kinda looks like a starfield or star constellation up close.  I sometimes find myself strolling in the park just appreciating the sight.

At home, I have a small Christmas tree in my living room.  I just bought a few sets of Christmas lights and wrapped strand around it.  It is our family tradition which I plan to keep and pass on to my children.   With the lights flickering in my living room, It simply reminds me of the spirit Christmas and of course the it gives a special glow to all the Christmas gifts around the tree.


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