Tuesday, December 12

Stargate Sg-1: Serpent’s Song

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Peter Williams returns as Apophis in Stargate SG-1: Serpent’s Song, which means the hour is exciting and contains some good action.  It’s an interesting entry from year two of this science fiction show that has the System Lord requesting asylum from Stargate Command, as odd as that sounds.  Naturally, SG-1 can’t leave him behind, so he is brought to SGC.

Serpent’s Song contains some very nice scenes, one of which is definitely unexpected and poignant.  For the first time, we hear from Apophis’ host, the life of an Egyptian who has been suppressed for hundreds of years.  Suddenly not so conflicted, Daniel adheres to his true function and actually comforts the host.  It’s compelling because not long before this scene Daniel had threatened to kill Apophis.

The show touches upon morals and even ethics on how Earth should handle, or rather treat, Apophis.  It doesn’t give a right or wrong; it simply presents the issues, leaving viewers with a bunch of questioning looks and expressions.

Serpent’s Song is definitely a decent outing.  The opening scene with the team waiting for a meeting that doesn’t happen is cool, and it just gets better from there.  Williams really contributes to making Apophis a powerful and intriguing Goa’uld character.


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