Monday, December 11

Spa Wars by Chris Manby Book Review

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Emily Brown has grown up dreaming about owning her own beauty spa, she manages to make this happen and has her own shop called, Beauty Spot. She runs her business with hr best friend but thing are a bit slow and she is running at a loss. She seeks the help of a client who comes into the shop called Matt who runs the small business department at the local bank. He advises that she makes cut backs and changes her prices to make ends meet.

Emily is in for a shock when a surprise night caller at her shop, the newest reality star, Carina Lees, calls in for an emergency repair job on one of her broken acrylic nails. As a favour for the repair job Carina gives the shop a plug on the TV and as a result her business is swamped with callers. It is not long until Matt is recommending that she take on another member of staff.

Natalie is soon taken on board as she is very good at her job but she looks a mess and completely out of place for a beauty shop. Carina become a regular visitor to the shop and soon Emily is buying a bigger premises.

Can Emily make a go of the new bigger Beauty Spot or is someone out to spoil and ruin her all in one go?

I thought this book sound like a good mindless read which was not gong to require a lot of concentrate, perfect for the school holiday with my boys running around and making loads or noise, I have to say I was spot on with my guess and I really did enjoy the book and found I did not have to concentre too hard on the characters or the story.

The story line was good but basic as it was mainly centred around the Beauty Spot and the life o Carina Lees, the two worked well together and their stories blended very well. The characters were all very good and easy to get to know. I did like all of the them but a times I could have smacked Carina for being so hard and self centred. They were all described very well so I was able to get a good mental picture of them and get to really know about them and understand the way they felt and thought.

I did enjoy the story being based in a salon and the talk about treatments as this gave a different spin on things, the characters could have been made to be quite simple and bimbos working in this environment but they were not and they were al down to earth people, apart for Carina that is. There was a good few extra characters which we got to know a bit about and I enjoyed all of them and felt that they did give the story some sort of depth and variety.

The story was pretty basic but there was a good small twist towards the end of the book, I had thought I had worked out all of the story and how it was going to end but there was a this little twist at the end which I was not expecting and for me it was a nice inclusion and made it more appealing as I was not expecting it. The story otherwise is good and entertaining and there is a good bit of humour with the more serious side and the mix was good.

The writing style was good and it was very easy to follow the story and get all the relevant information needed, I am glad we did not have bit and fancy words used for the treatments at the salon as this would have gone over my head, but as it was they were all kept basic ad the treatments were not overly talked about, it was more the running of the business side which was used. For some reason the story got me hooked and I was dying to know who was the real culprit in the story and I was not able to put the book down. There was just something drawing me into the story and I am not able to pin point what t was.

The paperback edition which I have has a total of 310 pages and a retail price of £6.99. I did not pay the full price and got the book in an offer of 3 books for £5 from The Works. I would not say the book was worth that price but I would be willing to pay around £4-5 for it.

I have to give this book a good solid 4 stars as it was very entertaining. The story does not require a lot of brain power and the characters are all easy to get to know and follow. I would suggest this book as a good holiday read or if you are looking for something light and enjoyable then this is the way to go.


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