Thursday, December 14

Stargate Sg-1: Holiday

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Stargate SG-1: Holiday is a top notch hour of entertaining that is riveting and allows series regular Michael Shanks to really stand out and show some of his acting chops.  Shanks portrays archaeologist Doctor Daniel Jackson, but in this show, he also takes on the part of Ma’chello, a rather mysterious and odd sort whom SG-1 meets on a planet they are exploring.  Ma’chello is rather old and apparently worn down from a very long life.  What he becomes known for is being an inventor of things with which to defeat the Goa’uld.

The episode is terrific from beginning to end, but my very favorite scene is a little gem toward the end. Basically what happens is that the team ends up in one another’s bodies, meaning that the actors got to portray, or rather mimic, that fellow cast mates.

The stories told by the actors is that it took forever to finish shooting this scene because they kept doing send ups on one another.  The outtakes must be terrific.  I’ve always wanted to see them.

As it is, seeing Shanks act like Richard Dean Anderson, while Anderson copies Christopher Judge as Teal’c is such a hoot.  The whole thing is incredibly funny.

To balance that out, kudos to Amanda Tapping for a tender ‘good-bye’ to Daniel.


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