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Keeping The Faith Film Review

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Jake Brian and Anna have been friends since childhood and loved being together. The boys grew up with a love of religion but disaster struck the trio when Anna moved away. We meet up with Jake and Brian when they are grown up and Jake is a Rabbi and Brian is a priest.

Both men are happy with their lives and enjoying their work. Rabbi Jake has been given the unfortunate news that if he wants to further his career then he needs to find himself a good wife. Brian has never really thought about marriage or love but things are about to change when Anna comes back into their lives.

She is very work orientated and has never really had time to find love but she is enjoying being back with her friends and soon discovers that love can be found when you are not looking for it. Both men have fallen in love with Anna but which will she choose and how will it affect their careers?

This is a film which I had not heard much about so did not know what to expect. I was hoping it would be good as I do usually like Ben Stiller films and find he can be very funny when he tries. The story to the film was good and I found the mixing of the different religions was good and it worked very well. The way the love triangle was bought in also worked well and made for some very good and entertaining viewing.

The acting was good and the role of Rabbi Jake was played by Ben Stiller. He did a good job with his character and I did like him. He seemed genuine and nice and I found that the inclusion of him Mom gave him more depth and got him to show some emotions. He worked well with his best friend Brian and there seemed to be a genuine and believable connection between the men. Brian was played by Edward Norton and he was also very good. I did have times when I felt sorry for him and wished he was slightly stronger in his attitude and not always put himself second or third. He was very pleasant and easy to watch and he delivered all his lines with ease.

The role of Anna was a mixed on for me. When she first came into the film I was not overly keen on her and she seemed very hard and as if she was using both Jake and Brian. She did soften as the film went on but I just could not shake off the fact she seemed to be hurting and being mean to Brian. I did enjoy seeing how she was strong and good at her job instead of her being a quiet and shy woman. We did have a few good support actors and they all gave good performances, some included, Anne Bancroft, El Wallach and Ron Rifkin.

This film was shown on the comedy channel so I was expecting it to be funny but to be honest it was lacking in the comedy stakes. We did have a few good laughs and giggles throughout but they were few and far between so I would not personally class this as a comedy. The humour mainly came from the men and they did this well as they seemed to bounce of each other with ease.

The film was set in America in the present time so not much effort was needed with the costumes or props. We did get quite a bit of the film inside the men’s works places and I id enjoy seeing inside the wonderful old church and synagogue as they were spectacular places. The costumes were all good and in keeping with the different faiths we had.

There were no real special effects used in the film and I don’t think it needed any. The music was good and in keeping with the film. I would not say it was an amazing soundtrack but it all worked and fitted into the film with ease.

There are no bonus features to speak about as this is a film only review. The running time of the film is 128 minutes and I found this to be a good length with the story moving at a good pace from start to finish. The rate s a 12 and I do agree with this.

I have to give this film a god strong 4 stars, I would have gone for the full 5 it there had been more comedy. The acting is good and the love triangle with a Priest, Rabbi and woman worked very well. A film for when you want something fun and light to watch.


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