Tuesday, December 12

Top Chef All Stars: Night at The Museum

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I just finished watching Top Chef All Stars: Night at the Museum which was the second outing for this Bravo TV show that has brought back some of their top chefs from throughout the years.

The thing is that I am absolutely stunned by the vocal actions of one of the chefs who had been a favorite a mine.  Her name is Jen and in her season, I really did think that she was robbed.  I thought she should have gone all the way.  Her dishes were great, and I just thought she had it all.

Tonight, though, it made me wonder if she was PMS’ing or something.  This Jennifer was not the woman I enjoyed for an entire season not too long ago.  She was abrasive and curt.  She actually admitted that this was not how she was during her season.

Is Jen bitter about her loss during her year of cooking?  I don’t know, but she really talked back to the judges.  For me, she went way beyond defending her dish, she was curt and argumentative.

I just don’t get the anger and change of personality.  Even hot tempered Tiffani from season 1 said “oh wow” when hearing Jen’s remarks to the judges.

The show was dominated by Jen’s attitude more than anything else, though I will say that Marcel has been quick to catch on that Angelo’s “help” benefits Angelo and not the chef he’s supposedly helping.  Joe Jonas did appear in the quick fire challenge, but he bored me.


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