Wednesday, December 13

How to Make Her Friends Love You Too

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Let’s face it; the hardest part in the courting process is not getting the ultimate “Yes” but getting the approval of your girl’s circle of friends. It’s not that tough to find a girl of your interest, it could be anywhere and you don’t even have to look for her because sooner or later a lady that will catch every inch of your attention will bump into you.  Moreover, asking her out and making friends with her is not seriously hard as well.  You can simply approach her and say, “Hi, you look familiar.  Have we met before?  By the way, I’m Mr. Right”.  Well some stunning lines you got from the movies will be quite good enough, even if it sounds awkward you’ll find her smiling on your attempt to be the coolest guy on the planet. 

A smile from her is worth a million points.  You just need some guts and some movie marathons and self-introduction will be a piece of cake. You don’t need to be the perfect guy, you just have to be yourself and if she responds well than your one lucky guy.  The real problem now is when it comes to her friends.  Of course, she would say that her friends will definitely like you because you’re such a good guy but it’s a fact that you can’t praise everyone.  How to solve this? Here are some tips:

  • Make the Best First Impression

First impression lasts.  If you messed up your first reunion with her friends they will remember it forever.  So considering the alarming impact that it might cause, be extra careful in your first gathering.  The most important thing to do is to get to know them first.  Its not important that they would see you as the most handsome, clever and wealthy guy around rather its good enough to make them feel you’re a decent guy and that you are responsible enough for your actions.

  • Be on the “Yes” side’

Don’t be such a kill-joy.  Don’t ruin the fun by saying no to their invites.  If they want you to dance with them, don’t just sit there go and join the fun.  They will definitely understand if you can’t dance really well but they won’t understand why you will decline their offer especially if they see you doing nothing at all.  Always bear in mind that having some bonding time with them even without your girl around will help you build a friendly relationship with them. 

  • Never Show Off

Never ever show off.  It will not only make them feel uncomfortable, it will also be a disaster if you failed to do something that you said you are very good at.  You don’t need to be the greatest; you just have to be you.  Don’t ever say lies just to amaze them.  Awful truths are a hundred times better than fancy lies.

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