Monday, December 18

Stargate Sg-1: Descent

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Stargate SG-1: Descent was a bit of a curiosity for me because out of the blue and without any real explanation or fanfare to explain it, Major Paul Davis is with SG-1 and Jacob on a space mission.  Though I enjoy the character and while Davis was always played very well by Colin Cunningham, Davis is a liaison to the Pentagon, and he’s never done more than push papers and work the communication controls (once).  There at least should have been a reason given as to why he was there.

Richard Dean Anderson’s Jack O’Neill has some really terrific dialog throughout the episode, especially when he and Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping) are close to drowning. He’s humorous and just quips away.  I love to hear him.

The Jaffa fans (I’m not really one of them) probably enjoyed the Jonas and Teal’c bonding that occurs.   Teal’c is probably the only SGC personnel who accepts Jonas. I’m just glad Jack never did.  The best that Jack does is tolerate Jonas.

The vintage years were definitely the best.  Season six has questionable events and shows.  There was a lot of angst in this one, and Anderson’s ability to make fans laugh is the saving grace.


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