Tuesday, December 12

Dog: Your True Friend is Not a Girl

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True friend

Looking for unconditional love, loyalty, compassion and support? Doesn’t it sound like an advertisement by a matrimonial site but actually it describes the virtues of your dogs, which are really awesome in every way. They give us the kind of support which we expect from the best of our friends and supporters.

They follow us faithfully up to the door when we leave for work and when we come back they show all kind of love and affection that however the badly the day has gone, watch your stress just melt away. We get from them we can expect from loving souls they are. They are kind best friends for the ones who love them and yes forgot to talk about their level of intelligence; they understand us better than some of friends do.

now on the lighter side of it, dogs are sanguine they are far more understanding than your girl friends are, my nephew told me the other day, as I never had one, the girl friend may fall asleep discreetly while you are not concentrating on her but your dogs would stay with you that much for their unstinting support.

I hate to see dogs ill- treated, tormented and tortured, they give us so much in return of food and shelter. And pedigree has nothing to do with this .I truly believe we have lots we can learn from them.

Unfortunately I do not have a dog now (I had one year before, a Bulldog) but I am keen to find one soon.


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