Friday, December 15

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

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Relationships are often good especially when couples usually see each other. There will always be a time of joy and wonderful experiences. But how about with long distance relationships, would it still be the same? Definitely my answer for this one is a big NO. It is true that a long distance relationship can still survive but the question is how long?

Loving someone but not seeing that someone often is really different in loving someone who is frequently at your side. Love is build with experiences shared together. If distance is present those experiences might be lessen which would surely not be healthy for you relationship. It takes courage, commitment and great love to endure a long distance relationship. If you are having this kind of relationship right now, the following might be something of value to you.

1. Keep the communication alive.

The things that you cannot do together will always be a hindrance for a healthy relationship. In order to keep your relationship, you really need constant communication. You can use any medium that you have just to be updated on how your partner is. If you cannot show love in person who have to make your partner fell loved through your messages.

2. Always keep your words.

If you have given a promise to your partner, like, you will be online for chat at this time and date, make sure you will keep that promise. Not keeping your promise would give your partner a feeling that you are not sincere anymore. Moreover, never do it twice successively. It will surely give you a headache or worst heartache.

3. Love Faithfully.

Even if you are not seeing each other, you must remain faithful to your partner in all circumstances. You will eventually experience problems if you are unfaithful to your partner. Truly loving someone means conquering any problems that might come in your relationship even the hardships brought about by distance.

A relationship will always have its ups and downs. Normally problems are easily resolved when partners often see each other. In the case of a long distance relationship, avoid having conflicts. It will never do you good. If you want to keep that kind of relationship, be humble so conflicts will never rise, and more importantly be faithful to the one you dearly love. 

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