Monday, December 18

Is Bukisa a Scam?

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Bukisa will probably will earn more with your article than you ever will but for an amateur blogger, and on an off content writer in the internet, you will might not see a better deal compared to them.  I know this because of a friend of mine who writes for bukisa regularly and has been earning well from them.  Not as much as our day jobs but its good enough for a few minutes work each time.

I’ve just started writing for them and even though I’ve been earning only few cents each time but I can see the potential in this for the long run.   My friend gets paid every month and I see his earnings has been increasing.  I thought to myself, I could do this.  It seemed so simple, and I would think this was a much better option in spending my free time rather than playing social network games which actually takes up an excessive amount of free time.  Bukisa is now my new Mafia Wars, instead of watching me getting killed by the other mafia and looking at other people’s stats, I now look at my stats on how many hits my articles I have made.   There is also the time factor like a harvest in Farmville where you wait for your crops to grow and get Farmville rewards from it and then buying new items to place in your well designed plot.  This time I am growing my Bukisa farm through my articles. I wait for my crops to flourish and become fruitful so that I could get real cash for me to buy real items with it. 

I hope this article inspires new bukisa members to keep on writing. 


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