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Wikileaks Julian Assange in Jason Bourne Saga Witchhunt

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Assange Looks On(wikipedia)

Background of Assange

Australian born, Assange used to work as a programmer and a journalist. He’s most famous of course, for being the brains and founder of controversial whistleblowing site, Wikileaks, which has landed in some hot water  for disseminating and making public state secrets.The latest of course, named the famous ‘cablegate’ papers, originating from the USA.

Assange had a knack for computers, being a former hacker. This hobby landed me with trouble with the law at an early age, back in 1991.However he was acquited on a good bond behaviour, the prosecutor making a comment about him being more motivated by curiosity.

Potential of a Computer Guru

Julian Assange was really a computer guru in his own right. He was involved in the first public internet service provider, doing programmer and developing software. He even wrote a book, developed an encryption system, developed caching software and a command line interface. The brains on Assange’s shoulders are indeed smart. Attending university, and studying hard subjects such as mathematics and physics, as well as neuroscience and philosophy.

Witchhunt of Assange — Rape charges based on consensual sex?

It’s no wonder after founding Wikileaks and releasing so much confidential information to the media and the public about what governments think of the rest of the world or what they do, that Assange sooner or later, would be subjected what some could reasonably call a ‘witchhunt’.

Swedish authorities have said that Assange is accused by rape charges. Strange thing is, the women behing the allegations say they had ‘consensualsex’ with him. Now, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard in my whole life. If sex wasn’t consensual of course it is rape, but this sex was completely consensual in Assange’s case, so how could he be accused of rape?.

The reason given for this ‘consensualsex’ to be rape, was that he refused to wear a condom. How weird. One would think if the so-called sex was consensual, then whether you wear a condom or not, makes no difference, the sex was still consensual. Assange was wanted on Interpol as well because he wouldn’t wear a condom???

Most weird accusation ever, of the man who’s probably made so many powerful enemies from the USA  from the actions of his website, Wikileaks, smells more like a political action to silence him than a genuine case of rape because he wouldn’t wear a condom. If he didn’t want to wear a condom, why did the woman still chose to have sex with him, and then claim that the sex was consensual?



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