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Moving From Ireland -International Movers, Home Removals , International Shipping

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Moving from Ireland

Deciding to move to another country is not usually an easy decision, caused often by the need for a new home, business relocation and sometime the weather. Whatever the reason moving can prove to be difficult, hectic, and pricey. However, you can make the move exciting, enjoyable, and cost-effective through efficient planning.

Go through the steps discussed below to make your move easy and rewarding:

Plan the Right Day

If you don’t have to follow a specific timeline, you can plan a flexible moving schedule. Take into account the weather conditions of your current location, as well as that of the place you are moving to. It is good to avoid moving during vacations and festival seasons. Make sure that you consider important things like the school timeline of your children, the job schedule of your spouse, and so on.

Choose a Moving Company

Make sure to sure to investigate a number relocation companies to make your move convenient. If you are bringing you car make sure to choose a company with car shipping services.

Make sure you choose a reputed and experienced company, check their credentials, and learn about their policies regarding shipping losses and damages. Also consider hiring a company that offers transportation and shipping insurance cover.

Start a Week Ahead

Get started a week ahead of the scheduled moving day. You may have a lot of stuff to pack, and this requires you to devote a great deal of time to the process. Arrange for packing boxes and containers, packing sheets, sealing tapes, and many such accessories. An important step is to select items that you don’t wish to take to the new place. Perhaps organize a garage sale or use Ebay to sell these items as this will ease your packing burden and also help you earn some money.

Preparing Inventory and Labeling

The next step is to prepare an inventory for all the items you wish to take with you. Prepare lists for different items that would be transported or mailed. If possible, make a video of the items by visiting every room and before starting the process of packing. Prepare labels for different boxes and write down the items that each box contains. This will help you unpack the boxes at your new place. Make sure that you have multiple copies of lists. You can paste one copy to the packed box, give one to the moving company representative, and keep one for yourself.

Keep important items like scissors, knives, flashlights, bulbs, batteries, medicines, and other such things within reach. You may hire a moving company that provides packing materials, as well as packing services and transportation. Conversely, you may save this cost by packing along with your family members.

These steps should help you make a smooth, enjoyable, and well-planned move in the company of your family members


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