Monday, December 18

Writing For Bukisa

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I’ve been an on and off reluctant blogger.   I’ve always liked posting little tidbits of information of my blog every now and then but managed to get less and less clicks on the blog site.   Its not that I wanted to make money before, but really wanted to share the information.

I was introduced to bukisa a few months a go by good friend who was researching on how to make money online.  For months he has been at it day and night and then he came across bukisa.  He tried writing for bukisa, one article at a time.  He was surprised that we was earning a few a cents every couple of days.  And then one day he wrote an article which gave him 1000 hits all in one day.   He was inspired seeing a sizeable amount for a minimal effort compared to blogging where you have to pay attention to every detail and not earn.   From then on, he continues to write articles for bukisa and has been earning well for his efforts.

I hope someday with just my friends experience in mind.   I would also have a good break on a couple of articles and make the most of my bukisa writing experience.  I’ve officially started writing for bukisa  only a few days ago.  


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