Monday, December 11

Dinagyang Festival 2011: Where to Eat

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Here is a list of Restaurants

Robertos – the best siopao in town

Tatoys – excellent seafood and lechon manok along villa beach in arrevalo

Breakthrough –  the best seafood in Iloilo

Decos Batchoy – original la paz batchoy

Teds Batchoy – la paz batchoy (both decos and teds are good)

Butot Balat – really good spicy linagpang soup

Dapli – it serves breakthrough food also

Kong Kee – good buttered chicken

Summer House – good Chinese food

Smallville – where the action happens. Just walk around you will see a lot of restaurants

Afriques – Italian food

Fresca – good ilonggo food , try their kansi baboy langka

Al Dente – Italian food

Picante – Mexican food

Amalfi – Italian food, try their foie gras

Mojave – good steaks

Terra – Mediterranean  cooking

Shall we Eat – good homestyle Korean food

Nato and Helen – Try their Kanis

Andres Pata – Try their Pata with lots of bone marrow

Glors Hamburger – old school pinoy burger with egg on top

Lunas Arroz Caldo –  excellent rice pouridge soup with native chicken

Crave Burger – good burgers

Hong Kong Kitchen – good dimsum

Red Steakhouse – good steaks

Uncle Toms – the best fried chicken

Dulgies – good cheesecakes

Coffee House Beanery – try their specials

Bluejay Coffe and Deli – their breakfast menu is excellent

Bario Inasal – good barbeque chicken and sinuglao

also try barbecue stalls all over the city during the festival.  


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