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Halimaw sa Banga (1986) a Filipino Horror Movie

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“Halimaw” a film directed by Christopher de Leon and Mario O’Hara and Written by Uro Q. Dela Cruz, Frank Rivera and Mario O’Hara. Divided into two segments Komiks and Halimaw sa Banga

This movie is a classic even though the visual effects seems a bit dated with its fake looking lightning bolts and fog machines.  I remember watching this when I was a kid. It gave me nightmares my mom also has many Banga’s in the house.  A friend of mine even up to now is still afraid of the dark because of this movie.

The movie revolves around a mystic banga or jar that was excavated of a cave.  An art collector buys the banga and brings it to her home.  Little did she know that mystic creatures were released from the said jar and would wreak havoc into their home and to humanity.  I hope they remake this film.

In a scene from halimaw sa banga Lotlot de leon playing the character of toni speaks with a man’s voice

Toni : “Huwag mo idamay ang tao sa ating labanan. “  

other lady with freakish voice: “hindi naman kasali sila” 

Toni: “Iwan mo si Margarita”

other lady with freakish voice: “hindi mo kami kaya pigilin, babangon kami lahat para ipatuloy ang apokalipse”

Toni: “ Hindi kayo magwawagi”

other lady with freakish voice: “mahaba ang aking dila, kaya ko kayong kunin ni Toni”

Toni: “Kinakana!”

other lady with freakish voice: “ Hindi pa tapos ng Laban”

here is a link for parts of the film

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