Monday, December 18

Tips on Keeping a Diaper Pail Clean And Odor Free

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As your baby grows bigger, his load of dirty diapers does too. You could consider this one of the horrors of parenting. While babies are the cutest little things in the world, opening the diaper pail changes it all. But if you make cleaning a regular routine, perhaps diaper pail maintenance would be a lot easier. For a much better scent and cleaning, use non toxic cleaners and eco friendly products.

First, always purchase a big diaper pail to avoid buying a replacement in the future. To prevent the pail from stinking up, empty it everyday or every 2 days. Some babies use diapers in such frequency that they will be able to fill up a pail within a single day. Make sure you empty the diaper pail everyday or every two days if it is just half empty. Throw diapers that have been soiled badly.

Switch to biodegradable diaper liners and plastic bags. These items break down some time after they are used. They go inside reusable cloth diapers and be washed away afterwards. Make sure to leave enough space at the top of the trash. This is so you will be able to tie it securely before disposal. Clean the diaper pail with organic, eco friendly household cleaners.

Use safe, organic products in cleaning the diaper pail. These natural cleaning solutions easily get rid of germs and odor without the harmful chemical toxins. Non toxic organic cleaning products like BabyGanics help clean your diaper pail of dirt and germs without exposing your family to harmful household chemicals.

To remove odors, use natural deodorizing methods. You can use natural anti-odor agents when deodorizing the insides of the pail. An example of this is baking soda. It is non toxic and can definitely neutralize bad odors. Sprinkle a generous amount in the diaper pail. Also, you can use spray deodorizers concocted from water, ethyl alcohol, and essential oils.


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