Friday, December 15

A Simple Walkthrough on How You Can Earn Through Neobux as a Beginner.

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Heya guys,

Here’s a simple walkthrough on how you can be on your way to being a success in Neobux. Yeah, I spent a whole lot of time just reading the TOS and the forums and then I came up with this. The Absolute Basics :D

1. Sign up for a free account in Paypal and Neobux, in that order.

2. Log in everyday and click all 4 ads till you’ve reached 75 clicks (This’ll take about 20 days and that should give you 0.80 cents)

3. As soon as you can buy rentals, buy 3.

4. In a weeks time you should be able to buy another set of referrals, contact me at that time.

5. After being a member for a month, start advertising your neobux account to get direct referrals. Do this by word of mouth, posting a link in your blog etcetera etcetera, do whatever it takes to honestly get referrals.

(By this time you would have completed the minimum requirement to get direct referrals which is to be a member for 30 days)

6. As soon as you can, upgrade to a golden account.

(By this time you’ve already completed all 3 requirements which is to have a minimum number of 50 clicks and rented referrals twice) Upgrading to a Golden or Ultimate status takes money so decide and plan how you’re going to do that.

7. Sit back and enjoy watching your profit grow day by day and refer to other tips and tricks as to how to make your profit grow faster.

*** try to get up to 250 rented referrals before you switch to Golden status as each rental is 0.25 cents, if you add more than that as a Standard member it’ll grow at an incremental pace of .01 cent per referral to a certain number

*** Be patient, this is not a get rich quick scheme, it does take a bit of work before you can see some earnings. But when you do see it, you’ll feel it :D

you’ll find this information in the learn more page which you can access by clicking on the Neobux logo at startup page.

For any other info, refer to my blog :D

Happy clicking


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