Friday, December 15

Life is Good

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Life is Good

you know how they made you write those essays way back in grade school?

Sucked huh?

well, the thing you thought sucked the most when you were younger is actually cool now! geez, even being a nerd is cool now. (thank god!)


woke up at 6:00am

answerd txt msgs n my fon (see how cool i am? abbreviating so that it’s like i’m actually texting?)

and then sat down in front of the computer to Tabulas more pain away…

tapping at the keyboard…

biting the end of my pen…




shit! all i could think about was how old i was getting!

so i thought “fuck! i really need to get out!”

took a shower and thought about what i’d do…

no one wanted to go out with me

my so-called best buddy must still be asleep

so i decided to go to the zoo and photograph some snakes and other animals… sunday’s a pretty good time to go there cause the animals seem a little bit more active…

took LRT and then got off at Pedro Gil and took a cab to Manila Zoo

woohoo!!! my birthday, all alone! the excitement was killing me! (you do know i am bein sarcastic, don’t you?)

so i got my trusty, cheapo camera out and started clicking, hell, i had 2 films to waste on animals and myself alone.

click! click! click! click!

i was actually takin pics of the snake when i saw this little 3 yr old kid hangin out at the pythons glass display… i could see how interested he was with em

so bein the lonely, desperate, old guy that i was, i walked over to him and asked him what he knows about snakes

he just gave me that look (i couldn’t discern what it was but it must’ve been the “what-the-hell-is-this-guy-talkin-about? look)

so i pointed out to him that those were pythons

suddenly this chick comes along

VA-VA-VOOM!!!! Hello Baby!!! hehehe his older sis

she asked me if Jon-Jon was bothering me, and i said no, i was bothering him hehehehe

aw man!!! I hit a goldmine!!! i got her name and told her i was just explaining to Jon2x about pythons, hehehe she gave me a knee-melting smile. her name’s Tricia by the way…


and that’s when my plan backfired…

she had all her other cousins with her so the kids milled around me and they were callin me f4.


but i kept my cool. Tricia was worth it hehehehe

so there i was talkin to kids god knows what their names were, it was all a blur to me, running here and there and then suddenly askin a question which, thankfully, i was able to answer or give an appropriate piece of crap information to.

hehehe i was actually impressing her with my knowledge on animals (now who the fuck says books ain’t good for nothin?)

so we strolled over to the monkeys and the kids were askin for piggy backs Aaaargggghhh and i swear they were getting heavier by the minute!

My God i just wanted a minute alone with her!!! but no!!! you had to put all this kids here to sabotage my plan which wasn’t really all that planned.

Finally we got to the playground part where her Dad and Mom and her uncles and aunts and god knows who else (maybe they also brought the urn with her Grandparents’ ashes in it)!

Oh man! This was getting more and more bizaare!!!

i got introduced to everyone and then they were askin me if i was in a tv commercial cause one aunt swore she saw me. i didn’t know how to answer to that.

in short i spent the whole afternoon painfully in front of this gorgeous girl and i couldn’t ask for her number cause i was being interviewed by her whole clanmates

thankfully a colleague from NSI texted me and i said i had to answer it cause it was my dad. which was followed by teasing from the elders that it was my gf.

Aaaarghhhh I hate it when people do that!

oh well i had a cool day with the kids, not so much with the older ones

so i excused myself sayin i had to go home

it was only when i was in the cab that i realized i forgot to ask her for her number!!!


so the driver was watchin me as i repeatedly cursed myself and smacked my forehead for my stupidity

so much for timing huh domz?

after this i passed by the church and then hit the gym.

sweat out my frustrations and thank god for what i have.

Bah!!! she had a weird name anyway… sounded like my sister’s uuughhh….

Life is Good.


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