Monday, December 11

Watch Free Movies Online

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* The software is in Chinese but you are able to type English on the search bar. It’s hard to explain to you right now but it will be worth your time. Just keep reading on.

This is directed at those who love movies and is looking for a legal website to watch while downloading them.

I wanted to take some time to tell you about this wonderful movies website I chance upon 6 months back. When I downloaded the software, i was disappointed as it was in Chinese but after using the website for just 10 minutes. I was amazed by the large collection of movies they had. Not only do they have movies but my favourite TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and C.S.I. While downloading the movie, you can watch them as though they are streaming and you can keep the movie in your computer for when you want to watch it again. Interested? Well, click hereto begin.

Step 1: Download 

Click ‘FreeDownload’ and save into your computer. Wait for a moment for it to finish downloading. After it finish locate the file and open it you will get something like this.

Step 2: Search for a movie

Start by typing the name of the movie in the search bar.

Eg. I am finding the movie ‘Ghost’.

Then click ‘Search’. It should show the title in Chinese and beside it in English.

Click on the title and the page should change into further details of the movie.

First, click on the Green button and then click the Orange one. It will start downloading the movie and give it a moment to buffer. After buffering, the movie automatically starts playing. So, sit back relax and Enjoy the movie.

Any doubts, questions, difficulties? Feel free to leave me a message in my inbox.


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