Saturday, December 16

Setting Up a Hookah

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Hookah pipes do not normally come with instructions. Here is the basic set up:

1. Fill the glass vase with water, roughly half way.

2. Insert the hookah stem into the glass vase. An airtight fit is essential.

3. Insert the hose(s)

4. Sprinkle the shisha into the ceramic bowl.

5. Place either a metal screen or tin foil around the ceramic bowl. When using tin foil, make sure the tin is shiny down. If you’re using tin foil, make the holes large enough for air to flow, but small enough so ash does not fall through. You can use a fork for the “4×4” trick.

6. Light the coals and blow on them until they are very red. Once there is a gray coat, place on the metal screen or tin foil.

7. Enjoy your hookah!

I recently purchased a hookah. It was a great price for a starter. I have previous smoked hookah before. Here are a few personal recommendations:

  • Be careful with the coal. If possible, purchase a windshield for wind outdoors. You can also use this for extra protection for indoor floors.

  • Tin foil works better than metal screens. It is easier to personalize the holes for maximum airflow. Metal screens are also difficult to clean

  • I recommend using a tar free, tobacco free, nicotine free shisha. It is better for your health, thought hookah smoking can still cause various forms of cancer.

  • Make hookah smoking fun! Get a blacklight and make hookah bubbles (to be written about in another article)


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