Wednesday, December 13

Macro Trade

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Macro Trades investment plan says as a basic partner with an investment of $10.00 you can avail of 1.2% Daily interest in a 180 day term.  If you are an advanced partner you will need a minimum investment of $3,000 to avail of 1.7% daily interest and also with a 180 days term.  Then the Professional Partner has a minimum of $10,000 getting a 2.0% daily interest and the Royal Partner with a minimum of $50,000.

Macro Trade is a part of FORTECO Trading LTD and has been providing finance and investment services since 2003 but when you search for FORTECO Trading on Google you won’t see a company website or any write up about it.  (Seriously,  why put it on the literature on macro trade’s website if you cant find it anywhere on the net except for a forum saying FORTECO is also part of another HYIP) They say that they have employed 30 people to ensure an uninterruptible 24x7x365 online support regardless of the time or place where the users are.

With investing in HYIP,  my best advice is to research and check HYIP monitors and HYIP forums before putting any money up.

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