Wednesday, December 13

The Farmer And The Stork

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The Farmer and the Stork

Once upon a time a stork was invited by a family of cranes to visit a farm. Unknown to the stork, the cranes were planning to steal food from the warehouse.   As they all went there, we were taken by surprise when all of them were caught in a farmers trap.

When the farmer arrived the stork immediately pleaded his case.

“I am not a thief!  I have no intention to steal you spicy peas.  I have no knowledge of the plans of these low life cranes!” he calmly told the farmer.

“Ah fuck you! What do you think of me? Stupid! You disgust me!  I won’t even eat your flesh!” responded the angry farmer.

Taken aback by what the farmer told him, the stork pulled his magnum, and shot the farmer to death.

Moral of the story:  “You never know what’s in somone else pocket.“

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