Monday, December 18

What Makes a Woman Fall in Love With You

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She’s passionate about you

It’s obvious that if she’s passionate about you she will fall for you. She could be passionate because you’re the right man for her or that you treat her really well. Whatever her reasons might be, she will fall hard if she’s passionate about you.

She’s attracted to you

Women can fall for men that they’re intensely physically attracted to or emotionally attracted to. It’s hard to fall for someone that you’re not that attracted to. Looks play a very important role in the falling in love process.

You shower her with love

If you shower her with love and gifts and attention, then she has no reason not to fall for you. Women love men who pay attention to them. If you pay a lot of attention to them, they will love you later on.

You’re a perfect gentleman

Women love men who are a gentleman. They love a man who can be a man. Someone that cares for them and treat them with respect, it’s hard to find these traits in men nowadays so if you have them then they will love you for them.

You wine and dine her

If you take her out every week and dine her well, she will see why she needs to fall for you. A man that treats a woman well is a man that deserves love.

You’re the one for her

If you’re the one for her then she will definitely love you. She sees that everything is right with you. There is no other reason not to love you.

She has a lot in common with you

Common interests will allow you to click based on many things. It’s easy to go out and talk and do things together if she has a lot in common with you.


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