Saturday, December 16

The Key to an Almost Perfect Relationship

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Strong communication

It’s hard to keep a relationship going if there is poor communication from either partner. I know this is true because I couldn’t keep up with a partner who had terrifying communication skills. He couldn’t even call me to talk to me. I had to do all of the work admit wasn’t fun. I like to have someone who would meet half way. This is the same for most relationship, both partners have to commit to strong communication and letting the other partner in on their lives or else they can’t get close at all. If your partner has terrible skills, they need to learn to improve their skills in order to improve the relationship.


There need to be give and take between the partners. You can’t give all or just take all. You have to make sacrifices as well as being able to receive from your partner. When you get serious in your relationship, you will see how important it is to have compromise as a component in your relationship.

Common interest

You need to have some common interests in order to share your conversations and your spare time. How else would you get talking? You have to have something in common in order to talk about it. It could be the fact that you both love sports or that you both love finance. There needs to be common interest or else you will live a separate life, because you will be reading and your partner will be outside running.

Common goals

It’s great to have common goals in life that you can work together too. For example, you both want to own a business one day or want to have a Master’s degree one day.

Similar personalities

You need to have similar personalities. You would click more that way and you don’t irritate your partner with your extroversion when he’s a hard core introvert.


There is no relationship unless there is mutual respect for the both of you. Respect is everything when it comes to a relationship. It shows that you care and that you will not be mean when things don’t go your ways.


If you’re honest, then it’s easy to go through your relationship. It’s based on trust rather on lies. People lie all the time and it’s good for their relationship. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to relationship. How will you face your partner when they found out that you’re married or that you have children or that you have no job?


You need to be mature about things. Relationships are based on maturity and you can’t have anything if you are just acting like children. You need to be mature adults.


You need to have passion as well for each other. This is by far the most important part of a romantic relationship. How else will it survive? Friendship alone is just friendship. You need to have romantic feelings for your partner that butterfly in your stomach when you see them.


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