Tuesday, December 12

Why She Left You

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You cheat on her

If she doesn’t leave now, she will later. If you cheat on her, you will need to apologize with a $4 million dollars ring or else she will leave. If you cheat on women, there is not reason to keep them from leaving you. Have you cheated on her lately? If you have then that could be the reason why she left you.

You don’t have a job

It’s frustrating to date someone who doesn’t have a job. If you don’t have a job, how will you take care of her? She will get tired if she has to pick up the tab all the time. Women want to be treated good so you must have a job. If you don’t have one then you should find one.

You abuse her

If you abuse her, she will leave without thinking twice. No one will be able to stay if you abuse her. How do you expect someone to stay if you hit her or yell at her daily? Women want to live good lives too and they don’t enjoy being abused. If you did this to her, then it could be the reason why she left you.

You don’t give her what she wants

You don’t give her what she wants in the relationship, like take her out more, commit to her, make love to her or any other reasons in your relationship. You have to ask yourself if your partner is lacking what she wants. Maybe she likes to spend more time with you or that you should pay more attention to her and stop watching basketball so much. It’s really frustrating to know that someone doesn’t pay attention to your needs at all but only their needs. I left a guy because all he cares about was basketball. He only wanted to watch basketball. How about me?

You have terrible communication skills

Women are great communicator most of the time. If you have terrible communication skills, it will frustrate them. Women need to be able to see you tell them what you need and what you want and how you feel, even though men can’t seem to do this at all.

She found someone else

She found someone else who can make her happier than you do. If she left then it means that the other person is more suitable for her.

She has different goals then you

If she has different goals then you, she might want to leave if you do not want the same thing as she does. She might enjoy being in a committed relationship but you just want to date casually. It makes her feel out of balance so she will seek it somewhere else.


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