Friday, December 15

Top 10 Things to Know About Prix Goncourt

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It was buzzing for a while is now official.The Prix Goncourt in the year, it’s a little ritual French, favorite literary prize of the hexagon, which everyone knows the title and many of which offer it at Christmas a little like THE book to read in the year.a big red banner on the cover of the very high sales figures, a ceremonial somewhat outdated, the Goncourt, is a story.With its little secrets.

  1. When you won, you can say “it’s done”: yes because the Goncourt, you’re not allowed to win twice.Romain Gary, aka Fantomas Emil Ajar, is the only one who had twice under a nickname then.
  2. The nominal amount of the winner of the Goncourt is 10 euros, payable by check: it is rumored that the author would gain a little more with the copyright, in the end.
  3. He is a man who wins in 90% of cases: even if the literature is sexist …
  4. If you are a woman, is a woman: you fight with your little 10% and then write on the Status of Women, is your only chance.Marie Ndiaye, last year, is a good example.
  5. 4 word titles are less likely to win: it’s not me who says it is 110 years of history.Two words, it’s good.
  6. If you’re self-published, in your garage or on the Internet is worse: being part of a big publishing house, those who pull the floss every year, it helps a lot.It is even not be playoff.
  7. Since 2008, we can not be both jury prize and paid by a publishing house:No, you mean you do not vote for someone who wants to please you?- Si – But all is not he a bit too far?
  8. A big red banner on the cover, it helps a lot to be sold.And sometimes even read: to be about 380 000 people bought the winners of last year and almost half a million for “Brazil Red” in 2001.It’s not Harry Potter, but still.
  9. To win the prize, it’s better to start from the real: speaking of a conflict.Or a big war.In short something that feels lived.Talking about yourself is even better, without falling into too much thought.He said as a few years ago “She called me Crumbs” Loana, has never really been considered a potential winner come.Dog’s life.
  10. Thierry Roland, barring accidents, should never have: it seems obvious, but it is better to say.So much for “The Ball at the center” or “100% blue” that deserved a little more visibility.

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