Tuesday, December 12

Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Super Mario

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The little plumber’s most famous world celebrates its 25th anniversary.There is so much part of our universe, whether you are player or not, believed to know everything about Mario, but in reality, he hides his playing rights to the bib, the face of Nintendo ever featured in Here , no Twitter account to tell his life.No it in secrecy to preserve his privacy pixelated.Except that we, the Mario we know it, and even pretty good.

  1. Mario would not really be a plumber: he nan kid he dreamed of being a footballer or a trapeze artist.But after studying missed and no athletic talent his parents told him ” my little Mario bumps you into the building, like your father.There’s always work in the building.My son will go“.A career in the broken egg.
  2. Super Mario has long been the best selling game in the world: with 40 million rounds of ammunition passed in the world.Only the Wii has done better since.Super Mario has enough to support several generations of small Mario and do nothing.It pays plumbing.
  3. Luigi is not really his brother: a dirty story a complete fabrication by Nintendo that Mario never wanted to speak, the subject seemed too sensitive.By cons, although officially he lives with Princess Peach in a nice little shack near Osaka.Mario is even a small way.
  4. It was first called “Jumpman” Mario called before: the legend it’s named Mario as the owner of the premises of the company in 1986 Nintendo.But it is mainly because “Jumpman” AC was “Super Hero” and if your only super power is to blow it all sucks.So go for Mario.
  5. Mario thinks he is Italian, but it is somewhat mythological“Mamma Mia”, “Ravioli” or “Spaghetti” as it intends to say in Super Mario 64 is a lightweight Italian say no?Nah man in the overalls he does not speak more Italian than you and me, but he believes it’s better for the chicks.
  6. He said that his mustache is not a real mustache: It is part of the uniform “Mario Bros.” designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator.Initially it was just for technical reasons in the game to avoid having to draw the mouth.Now contractually, Mario can not be seen without his mustache that made him famous.A true success that put the hair up to date.Tom Selleck also owes his career.
  7. Mario was inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”: its author is that Miyamoto said.A little character who walks around, meet the animals and may grow by eating mushrooms.Finally, I would have clearly seen a blond Mario.
  8. It almost became an alcoholic and ruined after the failure of the film“Super Mario”at the cinema in 1993: to be widely considered an inter-planetary dung, even when you’re played by Bob Hopkins, inevitably it leaves traces.
  9. Super Mario Bros is considered the benchmark for platform games since day one: it is even regularly quoted in the top 5 best games of all time.
  10. Mario does not actually name: Luigi his brother and himself are known for being the “Mario Brothers”, the “Mario Brothers”.So what would it Mario Mario.A bit like Noddy then.

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