Monday, December 18

Top 10 Small Signs That You Are a Geek

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The geek is chic, it’s at least what is said on the net.And you basically are you a geek?You could try to identify your level of geekitude by answering a quiz umpteenth your favorite fashion magazine, all while sipping a mango dolly and ending a discussion on the phone.In Topito there is a lot easier.If these 10 claims you can answer yes, then no doubt you are clearly a geek.And I want to marry you.

  1. You’ve written “just to see” on yes, bars and nightclubs, it’s overrated
  2. You never travel by subway without your DS Lite: Sudoku on paper is outdated, needs a pencil and an eraser, “too many Generation X”.
  3. Your nails are hopelessly shrunk for some time: and it corresponds roughly with the date you purchased your iphone which you strum all the time.Coincidence?
  4. You think that civilization goes where your Iphone 3G does pick up more: no more weekend in the countryside.Never without my emails.
  5. You think Facebook is obviously completely has-been: you’re on twitter and think may be migrating soon on Friendfeed.
  6. When someone asks you how old you are: you answer proudly “Generation Y”.Although nobody knows exactly when it starts, you know it means “lunch Ultra’s connected.”
  7. The t-shirts “Lafraise” or similar, make you laugh: even if as a reader of good taste forbid you to wear them anywhere but home.
  8. Your mac does leave you more and serve you a little about everything: why limit yourself to emails when you can make up quietly with a webcam mirror, hair drying out of the shower with the fan …
  9. You have already worn with delight holding Princess Leia: While he was especially good to realize the fantasy of your Jedi, but you never would not trade it for a disguise of Princess Diana …
  10. Are you up to date on all your tv series, you have even a small lead: Dr. House, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, no way to expect them to show on TV.Thank you bittorrent.

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