Wednesday, December 13

Top 10 Things That Show You Are a

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Basically what is a real people, apart from a rather young woman (Regina aside) who jumps from clip to clip buttocks buttocks and made the front page of newspapers in small bikini bottom on a distant beach?Difficult to define eh.After a lengthy investigation scrupulous than a dozen minutes Topito has cracked the problem and give you the keys to sort the wheat from the chaff.Stop the fakes.

  1. You respond to every photo you take with you, even in a family celebration, with “I warn you if it is to behold, I attack you”: there is a human being who fights behind the body dream.Freedom, I write your name.
  2. You have a little dog under his arm at every opportunity, including tennis match: it is preferably relatively ugly, has a name which finished as Pooxy Y, and only drinks Evian.
  3. You have already attempted a wild mating with another people, regardless of sex, rather publicly, and you deny everything if you are talking about: the good people will not mix with the plebs.Or if, just once to see what it’s like real life.Then joined the herd.
  4. You bear sickness put panties for a night out, especially in a car at 100 000 euros: it is stronger than you, even that can not be explained scientifically.Those who know, know.
  5. You have a permanent smile on his face encrusted on all the photos and you are always near a magnum of champagne: people think it is a snap, but it’s a job.
  6. You’re against hunger, against influenza A and you’re not afraid to tell you as soon as a microphone behind: even when you tend not elsewhere.
  7. You’re shopping in 4 × 4, pink tracksuit and boots with fur: just what.Like all of us.You remember where you came from.
  8. You go every year on the anniversary of Regine and even Marlene, without knowing why, but everyone is there, it would be stupid to miss it right?
  9. You go to St. Barts when you have a little bit of blues: life is a bitch.Having to go into exile, never to suffer as much …
  10. You have an old Sex Tape running on the web and that you reject gently: though a priori it is you there.And again.Ah, there you see more.Oh yes.

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