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Samurai Swordless in Executive Way

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Samurai Swordless in Executive Way

Ostaf Al Mustafa

Nowadays, Samurai is swordless one and face no reality experience in bloody battle anymore. Then, where is he should keep his blade freshly, in order ready for every new battle in world business? So, in what battle he should establish his innermost brave? As a swordless one at no real bloody battle, he could be a perfective Samurai in art and business. A hard whack finding the one of Samurai Swordless in true optional choice. But there is Kenzaburo Mogi, 72, suitable for a real figure Samurai Swordless in executive way. Mogi is a former vice chairman of the soy sauce manufacturing giant Kikkoman Corporation, as real sample of this living Samurai. On July 1, 2009, was appointed to direct the Japan Arts Council, which covers all traditional performing arts of Japan, including noh, kabuki and bunraku (puppet theater).

Mogi could combine business and art in the way of Samurai. Rei Sasaguchi in his report at The Japan Times Online (Friday, July 30, 2010) said, “Mogi is clearly a very successful and sociable businessman, and his experience is pertinent to organizing the utilization this year’s ¥9 billion budget allotted to the National Theater by the government. His plans to cultivate Japanese art and culture and promote their various forms abroad includes a personal desire to stimulate the imagination and interest of not only foreigners but also Japan’s younger generations.”

Mogi is a real living Samurai that could perform business and art as two idyllic combinations. His battle is promoting business in sociability one and cultivating arts too. He is a typical of the Samurai Executive, who applied ancient warrior techniques to relevance in today’s business. Don Schmincke in his article, “The Samurai Executive: Ancient Warrior Tips for Business Success Today” ( narrated positively with certainty and confidence in details, about how ancient warrior techniques of Samurai get connected to real time business in linear. Shmincke accentuated, ”The samurai warrior functions as an excellent metaphor for leaders throughout the millennia. Unlike some other great leaders and leadership methodologies, the samurai system was well-documented and they were able to survive as an organization for a very long time. Until they were overwhelmed by technology and Western influence, they were able to repel every invader with their timeless, culture-crossing techniques.”

Mogi is a Samurai in tangible manner. He utilizated techniques of Samurai not for an analogy in his practical business activity only, but primary as a faith of personal act. Mogi has a background of Samurai family. Sasaguchi evinces a reference who really Mogi is he. Mogi is a member of the Mogi clan in Noda, Chiba Prefecture, which has historical ties to the samurai Maki Genbanokami Yorinori. Yorinori served Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s heir Hideyori, and who perished with Hideyori in the battle at the Osaka Castle in the summer of 1615.

Genetically, spirit of Samurai running smoothly in Mogi’s blood. This spirit influenced and be causal factor to his executive way obtaining a supreme business. The Philosophy of Samurai in ancient warrior tips must be compatible in business, include Mogi’s business. Essentially, Shmincke point out about the deep ethics of death, bravery, honor, life balance, the last but not least is follow the way of the warrior to business success. The most shocking wave of death in Samurai is harakiri. There is a management of death, so someone could die properly as a honored man.

Shmincke enunciated, “In modern management, when people have been taught to “die” properly, they execute their work more bravely and are less consumed by the distractions of political infighting and other typical cultural implosions.”Death is not the last way of living an esteemed man. If someone always doing right thing in his noble live, so after he died, he always still living in every heart who know him. Bravery is a way no fear to absolute death.

Bravery is equality of spirit that generates mind, soul and body to confront danger, pain, trouble, nuisance, anguish, afflict and hurt without showing fear. A swordless Samurai could encourage himself to overcome all his competitors. So everyone could emerge quality of his spirit to be a best one in executive way as sure as hell and no doubt till the end of his life. Then, anyone could poised for action in every virtual war at business battle.

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