Monday, December 18

How to Stay Healthy

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These tips can help you stay healthy and sickness-free throughout the year.

Tip 1:Wash your hands – When I say this, I don’t mean for you to go crazy and wash your hands every second. What I mean is that when you make use of the bathroom, just take a couple of seconds to lather up your hands and wash them. Ilnesses are almost always transferred from the environment to your hands and then to your mouth.

Tip 2:Eat regularly and in good portions – I know that in today’s society it is nearly impossible to eat three meals a day but there are some actions one can take to accomplish this. You could try liquid nutrition breakfasts (there are some good ones out there). Pack your own lunch rather than going out to fast food. Eat in good portions which means not too much but not too little. And make sure that the food is from a reliable source (not like from the back alley or anything)

Tip 3: Take vitamins – Now vitamins is a bit of a controversial topic in the world of health. Some say they do make a difference while others say they don’t. In my opinion, it wouldn’t hurt. Take a multivitamin as instructed on the bottle. It’s simple and not time consuming and it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Tip 4: Keep up with your hygiene – Take regular showers, brush and floss your teeth, clean your sheets, pillows, and clothing regularly

Tip 5: Don’t touch foreign objects – It’s a bit obvious but some people just don’t listen, don’t touch anything you find on the street, in the bathroom, in someone else’s house, or any strange place that’s not yours

Tip 6: Don’t chew on objects – There is a chance that the object may have picked up a bug somewhere and when you chew it, you are exposing yourself to it.

Tip 7: Keep warm on cold days – The cold doesn’t cause any illnesses but studies show that bacteria and germs can last longer in colder temperatures so cover up and follow the previous tips

Tip 8: Don’t worry about it too much – Everyone gets sick, it’s a part of life. Getting sick is how your body builds up it’s immune system.

Follow these tips and they can assist you in staying healthy. Good Luck


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