Sunday, December 17

Pretty Little Liars TV Vs. Books

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Recently I got into the series, at first when I saw the advertisement for it, I just thought it was not going to be all that. But one day, I saw the pilot episode and I got hooked! It is a mixture of gossip girl meets Veronica Mars with a twist; I got so hooked that I wanted to know who the mysterious “A” was and the killer that I went out and bought the book series as well.

It’s a group of five best friends, and one of them went missing but her body was recently discovered and the four remaining friends start getting mysterious texts and notes about their secrets, from somebody that signs their name simply “A” like the first letter of the girl that was murdered.

The book turned out to be different with some similarities, but starting with the characters: Hanna is a brunette in the book but blond on TV, her friend Mona is a petite girl with white blond (a part from the hair color- the actress they picked is perfect for the role); Aria’s character is chosen well except that in the book she is tall and dresses in an artsy form; Spenser’s character is blond in the book and dark haired in the series; Emily’s character has blond-orange hair in the book due to the chlorine while the character in the TV series has silky black hair. But they got Alison’s character down to a T, blond with a heart shape face!  The characters personalities also are a little different but I take that the actresses bring to them their view of the character that they are playing.

The books were easy to read and I devoured them all in a week in a half, especially since I wanted to know who the killer and “A” were. Now that I am back checking out the series, I wonder if it will be the same characters there as well, even though at the looks of things it seems that the TV series is headed in a different direction. So now I will have to watch and try and guess who the mysterious “A” is, in the book I was sure it was one person (which I am not going to reveal) but it was another (a little surprise maybe) and are “A” and the murder one and the same in the TV series? I guess I just have to watch and find out.

Which one I like best is actually hard to decide, normally I always prefer the book but here they are equally entertaining and suspenseful.


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