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How to Deal With Depression

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Depression is a very serious problem that many people take too lightly. Well, I, for one, do not take it lightly for I have also been a victim of depression for many years. Here are some tips to help you deal with depression, no matter how light or how serious it may be. Remember, these are just some tips to help those suffering from depression. The best advice is to consult one’s physician, therapist, or psychologist.

Before starting, I would like to say that I am not a medical professional, just someone who has gone through depression. These are just some tips that you can use to combat depression. You don’t have to follow these tips. Do not follow these tips if they can make your depression worse.

Tip 1:Pets – One of the best helpers in the fight against depression is a pet. An unknown factor, pets offer a great deal of happiness to many suffering from depression. The best kind of pet is one you can hold such as a dog or cat but it can be any pet you desire. It’s just the fact of having that companion there that can help you battle that depression.

Tip 2:Talking with loved ones – Many people underestimate the power of talking out problems with loved ones. It can be your parents, your lover, your friend, or even a role model. I have to be honest, in my own personal experience, telling others about your depression may not help. They may take it too lightly. This is why I offer this tip with a warning: Only do this if you’re positive that they will understand or if your depression is extremely bad.

Tip 3:Hobbies – Hobbies can help people find an outlet for their feelings. Rock climbing, coin collecting, listening to music, learning an instrument, dancing, etc. can all help those suffering from depression feel a bit better in their situation.

Tip 4: Talking to a professional – If your depression is very bad or severe, you need to talk to a doctor or seek professional advice. No matter how bad things look, you need to find help. There is someone out there who can help you.

Tip 5: Watching Movies, TV shows, or Anime – It may sound silly but sometimes, you just have to escape the world you’re in and go somewhere where anything is possible. Movies, TV shows, and Anime all offer you the chance to escape and go somewhere different. The good thing about this is that there are more than enough movies, tv shows, and anime to last a million lifetimes. This is something I used to rely on and it used to help a lot. I used to watch movies and they would just help me escape. When you lose yourself in movies, tv shows, or anime, you can feel much better afterwards.

Tip 6: Listening to Music – I’ve already mentioned this before but listening to music can help a whole lot for those in a depressed state. Trust me, I also relied on this to help me with my depression.

Tip 7: Read books – Reading books can also help offer an escape to a different world. Grab a nice book, preferably an adventure book, lie down and just lose yourself in the adventure. This can help a lot.

Tip 8: Keep yourself busy – Do anything and everything to keep yourself busy. Doing chores around the house, taking a walk, talking with friends, or getting a part-time job, keeping yourself busy will help you feel much better. Also, you can take a bit of pride in completed chores which can help boost your self-esteem and self-worth.

Tip 9: Workout and Exercise – Working out and exercising can help you feel much better in a quick time. Plus, the endorphin rush is nice bonus :).

Tip 10: Sing – Sing. Sing. Siiiiiinnnnnngggg!!!! Lol, trust me, singing, either outloud or to yourself, it can make you feel better.

Again, these tips are just my own opinion. I am NOT a medical professional. If you are suffering from severe depression, SEEK help. Trust me, there are people out there who will help you. Remember, don’t follow these tips if you think they will worsen your depression. Good luck, I hope this helped even a little.


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